Woman charged after lying to police about spotting suspicious men in Volo: Police

FOX LAKE, Ill. — A county sheriff’s spokesman says a woman lied to authorities about seeing two suspicious men in northern Illinois near where a police officer was fatally shot, a report that prompted a large police response.

30-year-old Kristin B. Kiefer told police she was driving in Volo, Illinois when she pulled  to the side of the roadway due to car trouble. Shortly after pulling over, she said she saw two adult males — one white, one black — near a cornfield. Kiefer said the two men attempted to get into her car but then ran into the cornfield because they were scared she was calling the police.

Lake County Sheriff’s Sgt. Christopher Covelli says about 85 federal, state and local law enforcement officials responded to the scene in Volo after the woman’s report Wednesday night.

Volo is about 5 miles from Fox Lake, where Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz was fatally shot Tuesday after he pursued three suspicious men into a swamp. A manhunt for the suspects has been ongoing since then.

Covelli says 11 police dogs and three air support units assisted in the hours-long search until the woman told detectives she had lied.

Covelli says Kiefer, of Vernon Hills, has been charged with two counts of Disorderly Conduct and Falsifying a Police Report. He says she’s being held at the Lake County Jail until a bond hearing later today.

Police say Kiefer told detectives that she was seeking attention from a family that employs her and that she chose the location because she knew about Gliniewicz’s death.

To watch more news clips click on:http://wgntv.com/2015/09/03/woman-charged-after-lying-to-police-about-spotting-suspicious-men-in-volo-police/


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