Man, 43, arrested in Gurnee homicide investigation

GURNEE, Ill. — Police in Gurnee say they have arrested the suspect in a homicide investigation.

According to a statement Sunday, police took David M. Brocksom, 43, into custody during a traffic stop at about 7:45pm Sunday.

Brocksom was seen driving towards the Gurnee Police Department parking lot when a police officer initiated a traffic stop.

Investigators believe Brocksom was involved in what appeared to be a domestic-related incident.

On Sunday morning police responded to reports of an injured person on the 3700 block of Pacific Ave. in Gurnee.

Responding officers arrived at the residence to find a person deceased. The victim is believed to be Brocksom’s wife.

Neighbors told WGN the victim and her husband have been separated for two years, and going through a divorce. The couple have two children. Police confirmed both children are safe.

Earlier in the day, Police said Brocksom was believed to be armed and dangerous.

The search for him extended to northern Illinois and Wisconsin.

Brocksom had been living in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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