Missing Alabama boy found alive in Ohio 13 years later

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Police say a 5-year-old child who disappeared 13 years ago in Birmingham, Alabama, has been found in Ohio.

Authorities told news outlets that Julian Hernandez, who’s now 18-years-old, was found in Cleveland, Ohio. He was reported missing by his mother in 2002.

His father, 53-year-old Bobby Hernandez, was arrested in Ohio and charged in connection with the abduction. He’s also facing charges in Alabama.

The case broke when Julian was trying to apply for college, Brandon Falls, the district attorney for Jefferson County, according to WVTM. He ran into problems when his Social Security number didn’t match his name.

A school counselor worked with him to determine why. It was then they found out that he was on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children database.

The missing child they were able to locate and positively identify is now 18. Julian’s mother and family were notified of his recovery.

Federal agents contacted the Vestavia Hills Police Department, as well as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Birmingham FBI office, to help confirm the teen’s identity.

Authorities say Julian Hernandez is safe and unharmed.

To get more updates and news click on:http://wgntv.com/2015/11/05/missing-alabama-boy-found-alive-in-ohio-13-years-later/


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