Chicago police Supt. Johnson to testify about repeat gun offender bill in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Chicago may be getting crime-fighting help from Springfield.

The Illinois Senate is considering tougher sentencing for repeat gun offenders Thursday.

Republicans in the statehouse have said they support it.

Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson has spent the morning meeting one on one with some state lawmakers, lobbying for the tougher sentencing legislation. He believes it will change the landscape on Chicago streets.

For months, Johnson has expressed his frustration over lax sentences for repeat gun offenders, blaming the system for perpetuating Chicago’s deadly street violence.

In Springfield today, Johnson will express his full support for a proposed bill to increase the sentencing guidelines for the worst gun offenders.

He will cite case examples and highlight the recent murders of three young children.

The proposed guidelines would require judges to sentence repeat gun offenders to serve between seven to 14 years behind bars instead of a minimum of just three years.

Under the proposed bill, judges would be allowed to deviate from the sentencing guideline but they would have to explain why.

Senate Democrats are hoping for a passage of the bill as soon as possible.

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