Illinois Bond Reform in Criminal Cases

Illinois joined 3DaysCount with support from the state Supreme Court, the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts (AOIC), and state representative Carol Ammons. Together, the team identified three overall 3DaysCount goals: restrict pretrial detention, after due process, to people who pose an unmanageable risk to public safety or of failing to appear in court; provide judges with additional safe, fair, and cost-effective options as alternatives to pretrial detention; and increase public safety.

In April 2017, the Illinois supreme court issued a Statewide Policy Statement for Pretrial Services. As Chief Justice Lloyd A. Karmeier noted, the statement is a guide for all trial courts and emphasizes that “Illinois pretrial principles and practices are founded upon the presumed innocence of the accused.” In July, the court approved the creation of the Illinois State Commission on Pretrial Practices; participants will
include representatives from all three branches of government, law enforcement, public defenders, and representatives of victims, among others.

These developments occurred within a larger context that included passage of statewide legislation that, among other things, establishes a clear presumption for release on the least restrictive non-financial conditions needed to provide reasonable assurance of public safety and court appearance and allows the Supreme Court to implement a pretrial assessment in judicial districts throughout the state. Also, in Cook
County (Chicago), the site of ongoing litigation surrounding bail practices, the chief judge
promulgated changes to the court rules that would limit bond amounts to each individual’s ability to pay, replacing all bond judges and renaming the Central Bond Court as the Pre-Trial Division in the process.

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